Registered Charity Number 277006 ï»¿ï»¿
Patrons: Richard Jackson, Cannon Richard Truss 
  • Children's Aid Team was registered with the Charity Commissioners in 1978 as a National charity.
  • Originally based in London, Children’s Aid Team pioneered one of the first respite schemes in the  Country so that families could spend some time alone knowing that their children were being well cared for and entertained.
  • Next came the Children’s Aid Team Clubs where deprived and disabled youngsters could enjoy socialising with each other.
  • This was followed by the initiation of Family Support Groups, Specialised Day Care provision and the introduction of therapy sessions in Hospitals and Schools
  • A residential home was opened in 1983 to provide a home for people with learning disabilities within a caring community.  This was another innovative project at a time when there was little or no provision of this kind with many people with learning disabilities confined in large and inappropriate institutions.
  • In 1984, Children’s Aid Team’s base moved to Northamptonshire and soon became the hub of a number of new projects, including one of the first small scale Registered Homes.
  • The information service provides information nationwide to parents and professionals alike on all aspects of disability plus seminars and teaching.
  • Children’s Aid Team is administering and developing the Animal Facilitated Therapy project based at Cotton’s Farmhouse, creating opportunities for youngsters with disabilities to experience all the happiness which being with and caring for animals can bring.
  • ‘Once Upon a Time’ brings the joy of books, reading, and storytelling to people with learning disabilities and special needs.
  • The Sounds of Happiness Project is designed to help children with severe disabilities who have little or no speech to develop their communication skills by making the whole process full of fun .
  • Puppet Therapy Workshops continue to develop, building on existing expertise as well as incorporating the latest technological possibilities so even those with the severest of disabilities can benefit from this stimulating therapy.
  • New Beginnings is an important initiative to help children with learning disabilities and their families cope with the difficult transition from school to adult life.
  • "Meet My Friends" fosters friendship, understanding and acceptance of children with special needs and challenging behaviour - especially where they go to mainstream schools.


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